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beachwalker is a social hub for people who share an interest in cleaner coasts.

beachwalker‘s primary target is the protection and cleaning of the planet‘s beaches and shores. it aims to motivate people to behave voluntarily and proactively in an enviromental sound manner.
beachwalker is a non govermental, non-profit, social network. it is not part of any church or political party.

beachwalker wants to educate people not to litter their beaches and shores. we want to motivate people to voluntarily collect and recycle wasted materials that they discover while at the beach. we want local businesses and tourist industries (hotels, restaurants, fishing) to support the effort with recources and funds. we look for the colaboration with local administrations and waste managers to ensure collection and proper recycling of collected litter.

this is a temporary website

this site is maintained from the roadside. i am still collecting data, making water-measurements, taking sand-specimen, pictures and video-footage which will all go into the final site later on. my objective is to find out who is using the beaches, who is polluting them and who is (or could be) cleaning them up.

i hope to start the real site in march or april 2015. there you willl be able to post articles, pictures and vids about your favoured or most polluted beaches and how you cleaned them up.

can i help the beachwalker project?

yes you can (and i hope you do):
1. do not leave any rubbiish on the beaches.
2. take whatever litter you find at the coast with you to the next rubbish-bin.
3. tell your friends about this project.

need more info?

if you want to know more about the beachwalker-projekt, there is a pdf you can download from here! if you want to contact me please use the contact form.

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last updated: 22/01/2015